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Practice Center Review #7 – Arroyo Seco

1055 Lohman Lane
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(323) 255-1506

Hours: Sunrise-10pm

Small bucket: $4
Medium bucket: $6
Large bucket: $8

Arroyo Seco is located in the South Pasadena/ Highland Park area. The golfing complex, includes a 18 hole par 3 golf course, driving range, practice putting green, chipping area and a bar/cafeteria.

The practice putting green is very large. It has multiple hole locations and several people can practice without being disturbed at any one time. My one gripe with the putting green is that it is very flat. I would much prefer more undulations and elevation changes. The chipping area is located behind the 18th green. There is basically a small putting surface surrounded by long grass and a small bunker. It is adequate, but no where near the standards of the chipping area at the Harding (Griffith Park) range.

Putting green
Chipping area

The driving range is quite nice and reasonably priced. I have had several lessons and enjoyed practicing here. It is of standard length (~250 yards) and there are several markers indicating yardages. There are about 25 stalls. With about half a dozen of those stalls being undercover. The others are open to the elements and have no roof. It can be hot practicing at those exposed stalls in the summer with no shade being present. Whenever I have been the range has been quiet with lots of stalls available. I don’t think I have seen more than 6-8 other people there when I have been practicing.

The balls are in good shape. They are white and above average in quality. Someone told me that they were limited-flight balls. But I have not confirmed that. So FYI if you are working on your yardages. You pay the starter who gives you a receipt with a code. You then go to the ball machine which is located at the center of the range and input the code. The machine then dispenses the balls into your bucket. Remember to place a bucket under the machine before you input your code!

I am not a big fan of the par 3 course, as you can read in my review for the course. However I do like to practice here. It is one of the better places in the area to practice. It is generally quiet and has all the facilities which you need to practice.

  1. I was pretty new when I went, but my first thought was that they were limited flight balls. I hit some clean shots and the ball barely went anywhere.

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