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The World’s Longest Par 3 Hole (Legend Golf & Safari Resort)

Legends Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa is the home of the highest and longest par 3 golf hole in the world. The 900-yard (yes, that’s right) par 3 features a tee atop Hanglip Mountain and a green – shaped like the African continent – 1,410 feet below. The fairway is seeded with Cynodon grass, and has been landscaped to direct the ball towards the green and the green is surrounded by a large waste bunker.

The par-3 is actually a 19th hole and is used to settle ties. Its tee is accessible only by helicopter. Because of its extreme height, balls hit off the tee are estimated to have a “hang time” of 26 seconds or more. The severe drop requires spotters on the ground to find tee shots, which are usually made with a driver.

  • Vertical Height – 430m (1,410ft)
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to back of green – 400m (437 yards)
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to start of fairway – 280m (306 yards)
  • The vertical drop from the start of fairway to the front of the green is 21m (23 yards)