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Sinaloa Golf Course – par 3 (Simi Valley)

980 Madera Rd
Simi Valley, CA  93065

9 holes (par 27)
Yardage: 1,088 yards

Hours: 7am to 7pm
Green fees: $10, $12 on weekend 

This week we decided to take a road trip and headed to the Sinaloa par 3 golf course in Simi Valley. Simi Valley is about an hour drive north of downtown Los Angeles (with no traffic). The course is located south of the 118 freeway, Madera Rd exit. Just follow signs for the Reagan Library once you exit the freeway.

This course was a good find. It was not really that well known about. I stumbled upon it while searching the depths of the internet. I didn’t have much expectations, but the course was really nice and we enjoyed our round. When we paid and got the scorecard we noticed hole names on the card. We asked the starter and he explained that each hole was a replica of a real famous par 3 in world golf. They include shorter versions of the 12th at Augusta National and the 10th at Riviera.

The course was super quiet. The parking lot was basically empty with just a few people on the range and out on the course. We went on a Sunday morning at 10am. We walked right on and played. There was really minimal delays/ wait on the course and we completed our round in an hour and a half.

The course was in decent above-average condition. However the grass needs watering and replacing/ repairing around the tee boxes. The greens however were superb. Immaculate condition and super fast running. In fact I would say the greens are probably the nicest we have placed in the LA area on a par 3 course. The greens were good size, but hard to keep the ball on due to the speed. The course is wide open with holes close together. There were really few trees and the holes were not divided with trees, like you find with many par 3 courses in the area. There was a water station on the 8th tee box, but only two ball washers on the whole course.

Sialoa had a lot of bunkers and there was water behind the back of the 9th green. Some of the bunkers are very deep with steep sides (links style). It was fun, yet a challenge to play. I would recommend that you have at least some minor golfing ability to play here. If you have never really swung a golf club much and looking to start, I would recommend you try somewhere simpler like De Bell par 3 first to get your feet wet.

The highlight of the course for me was the 6th hole. You have to walk up a path to an elevated green. You tee off about 30ft higher than the green and it is a short 87 yard hole. It is a copy of the 11th hole (called Eden) at the Old Courss, St. Andrews. It was a lot of fun and probably in the top 5, or possible top 3 of holes I have played in Los Angeles.

Richie says… “A nice surprise. A really enjoyable and fun course to play. I love how quiet it was and the fact that they tried to model real classic golf holes. I would certainly play here again.”

Chris says… “Overall I liked the course. Usually I do not like wide open courses. I like courses which have natural boundaries like trees or even fences. But overall a good course. The 6th hole is one of the best par 3 holes I have ever played”.

Hole by Hole

Hole 1 – 100 yards

Hole 2 – 95 yards (10th at Rivera)
Hole 3 – 137 yards

Hole 4 – 130 yards
Hole 5  – 135 yards (12th Augusta)

Hole 5 – green

Hole 6 – 87 yards (11th at St. Andrews)

Hole 7 – 107 yards
Hole 8 – 132 yards
Hole 8 – green (bunkers are to the left and right of green)
Hole 9 – 165 yards (water directly behind green)
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