Crazy Mini Golf Hole – Lilliputt, CO.

While surfing the net I randomly came across this video. This mini golf hole is located at Lilliputt Mini Golf Course in Grand Lake, CO. If you look at the time on the video, the ball travels for almost 60 seconds before reaching the green.

Tiger Woods Shot From One Continent to Another

Tiger Woods became the first golfer to hit a ball from east to west on the iconic bridge that separates the European and Asian continents. Tiger Woods took part in a spectacular Bosporus Bridge photo shoot as part of the opening of the Turkish Airlines Open 2013 golf tournament.

John Peterson’s Amazing Skip Shot

Prior to teeing it up at the 2013 Tour Championship, John Peterson had some fun at the World Golf Hall of Fame, skipping a shot across the water to 17 feet 2 inches from the cup.

 I wish I could do this. Whenever I hit water the ball sinks and is gone forever!