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Practice Center Review #1 – Harding Municipal Golf Course (Griffith Park)

4730 Crystal Springs Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: (323) 663-2555
Hours: 6.30am to 9pm, 7 days
Small bucket (30 balls): $3
Medium bucket (60 balls): $6
Large bucket (100 balls): $10
**Mon and Fri special – $21 for 3 tokens for large buckets

This practice facility is located at the Harding Municipal Golf Course within Griffith Park. It is a little tricky to find, but there are signs at each intersection within park to guide you.  Warning, there is a 25 mph speed limit through the park and often I see Park Ranger’s checking speed and writing tickets!
The range is on two levels with about 50 stalls total. The most desirable spots being in the shade on the lower level. There is also a misting system on the lower level, which they run during summer months. The upper level is exposed with no shade or cooling sources. I wish they would put a roof over the upper level, as in the summer it gets extremely hot. So hot that it is uncomfortable to be there during the day. You hit off mats and tees are not provided. You should bring your own plastic tee or they can be purchased at the club shop for $1 each. The mats are in decent condition.

The range itself is 250 yards long and relatively wide. There are several small greens and targets spread throughout. They regularly collect the balls and the range itself is really good. The problem for me with this range is the balls. The balls on the range are really poor quality. They are old and dirty and need to be replaced more regularly. However since this is a City of Los Angeles facility, there are probably some funding issues.

In addition to the range there is a large putting green and two small greens with a bunker for chipping. These practice greens are excellent and the chipping greens are the best practice ones I have seen in this area. The putting green is very large and can accommodate several people at any one time.  These practice greens are totally free of charge to use.
Putting green

Practice greens for chipping
 As with most (if not all) ranges they offer lessons. I offer a word of warning first though. Be sure to check references and reviews before selecting someone. Once I was here at the Harding range and a lesson was going on in the stall next to me. The instructor was terrible. I wish I got his name so I could put a warning out. He had zero educating skills. He had no patience with his student and seemed very cranky/ unhelpful. I remember thinking at the time how glad I was that I didn’t spend any money being coached by this guy.

Although I feel the range is sub-par due to the bad quality of balls; the practice chipping and putting greens make up for it. Parking can be tough at weekends, but there are usually spaces at the side of the street further down. This range gets busy at peak times, but usually there is always an available stall located in the corner of the upper level. Prices are reasonable and they offer a special on Monday’s and Friday’s where you can buy three large bucket tokens for $21. These tokens can be used at any time.