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2013 iBella Obsession Womens Golf Club Line

I will start by saying that I was not paid to endorse/ review these clubs. I came across them while reading a magazine a few months back and thought they looked cool. So I thought I’d share them on my blog for others to see.

When I first saw these clubs I immediately showed them to my significant other. She was thinking about getting into the game and I knew she would like the “bling” on them.

I think they are very well designed and certainly aesthetically appealing. We have not personally tried them, as they only come in right handed and not left handed versions. I inquired and was told there are no left handed version being released anytime soon – big negative for us! From the reviews I have read, they seem pretty positive. With people saying they are easy to hit.

They are reasonably priced  and can be fully customized. So you can select different length/ type of shaft, grips etc.


Fairway wood


From the manufacturer…

Exclusively Designed For Women Golfers
The iBella Obsession women golf clubs are exclusively designed for women golfers and not just a man’s model painted an alternative color. What’s the difference between men’s or womens golf clubs? Women golfers have quite different needs and the clubs require a unique set of specifications to complement their swing style. Whether golf club driver, fairway woods, ladies golf club hybrids or golf irons, specific design elements were carefully implemented to meet the demand for the best womens golf clubs. Each iBella Obsession ladies golf club appears with a with a hot pink, white and silver color scheme and accented with a butterfly motif and authentic Swarovski crystals. The iBella Obsessions not only make the best beginner golf clubs for women but are the best ladies golf clubs for intermediate players too. The line is available in both custom assembled pink ladies golf clubs or ladies golf club components.

Further information can be found on this link below…
iBella Obsession Golf Club Iron