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24700 Trevino Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 253-1870

9 holes (par 27)
Yardage: 915 yards
Hours: 5.30am-sunset
Green fees: weekdays $13, weekends $16

This review is for the 9 hole par 3, golf course, named Chica. There is also an 18 hole executive golf course located at Vista Valencia. For a review of that course, click here.
At under 1,000 yards this course is very short and one of the shortest in the LA area. Most we play are in the 1,100-1,200 range. This makes this course suitable for kids or novices. In fact when I played there were a lot of kids out there. This did not slow down play though. Even on a holiday and the course being busy, I completed my round in an hour. This is in sharp contrast to the 18 hole executive golf course. That was extremely busy with the people ahead of me at the starters office being told there was a 30 minute delay to booked tee times. This par 3 Chica course is pay-and-play. There is no need to call and book a tee time to play here.

I enjoyed playing this course. It was very picturesque with a nice backdrop of the mountains. However the course runs parallel to the 5 Freeway, so there was a lot of traffic noise for the duration of the round. Playing on a holiday it cost $16. This is the same price as El Segundo, and as with El Segundo I will make the same comment…. It is kind of expensive for what you get. You do not get a lot of golf for the $16. However during the week it is only $12, which is a more reasonable rate.

The course is very well maintained. The grass is lush and well watered. There are green-side bunkers which have nice sand and were well raked. The greens were in nice shape overall, however on the small side. This made the course a little more challenging to play. The grass on the greens were a little longer and more watered than the executive course, so did not run so fast. This is good as it made putting not so difficult. As you can see on my review of the executive course the greens run extremely fast and often a gentle putt would go flying 10ft by the hole. I did notice on the greens as I played my round that there were an unusually large amount lot of pitch marks left not repaired. This is just basic golf etiquette. If your ball lands on the green and makes a pitch mark – please repair it!

The course design was interesting and had a good difference in hole lengths. Some holes were in the 80 yards range and the longest was 150. Hole 7, is kind of like hole 17 on the executive course. You hit from an elevated tee, down onto a green surrounded by water. A lot of the holes featured green-side bunkers and the water came into play in 3 of the 9 holes. They seem to like their water at Vista Valencia!

They have some ball washers and benches, but not at every tee box (may be about 1 in 3 holes). The benches which were here, were located in the sun. It gets so hot up here I would like to see some kind of shade while you are waiting. In order to get some respite from the sun.

Richie says… “Nice course and a lot more manageable than the 18 hole executive course. Busy, but still just takes an hour for a round. Not many public par 3 golf courses in this area, but this is a solid course. Just wish the $16 weekend/ holiday rate was a little less.” 

Hole by Hole

Hole 1 – 155 yards
Hole 2 – 110 yards
Hole 3 – 150 yards
Hole 3 – green
Hole 4 – 80 yards
Hole 5 – 75 yards
Hole 6 – 90 yards
Hole 7 – 125 yards

Hole 8 – 70 yards (and yes, they did not move when I took my tee shot)
Hole 9 – 100 yards

  1. Did you play this course the same day you played the 18-hole executive course at Vista Valencia, or did you come back to play the Chica par 3 course? If I were you like your goal is to play all courses, and there is a golf facility you want to scratch off your list that is far away which has like multiple courses you can play in one day, I would just go there one day, and play all the courses, and just get over it, and scratch it off your list, especially if it is an executive layout that is 27 holes. I also do something similar, and have the same goal of playing all the 18 hole regulation courses in LA County which I'm almost complete, somewhat complete, and one golf facility I wanted to get off my list was LA Royal Vista Golf Club in Walnut, which is far away from me, and it's a 27 hole course facility, so when I went there, I played all 27 holes in that one day, and got all of the 9's in Royal Vista scratched off my list, but if I do play a facility with 2 18 hole regulation tracks which makes it a 36 hole facility, I just play one 18, instead of playing 36 in one day since it can be tiring, and expensive, and when I come back to that facility, I play the 18 that I didn't play the first time I went.

  2. No, I came back and played the Chica about a month after the executive course. I don't think I have the stamina to play that much golf in one day. lol.

    I have already played them all – I played the last one about 2 weeks ago. The reviews will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

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