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Practice Center Review #5 – Western Golf College & Driving Range (Koreatown)

537 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 466-1131

Hours: M-F 7am-9pm, weekends 10am-6pm

$15 for day pass
$60-90 for monthly passes


Outside of range

I have driven past this place many times and finally stopped by to check it out. The Western Golf College and Driving Range is located on Western Ave, between Beverly and Melrose. The parking situation is tough. They have a tiny lot (may be 6 parking spaces) and there is limited street parking. If you plan on visiting here be sure to avoid rush-hour traffic times as this part of the city gets crazy.

This is a tiny (in terms on length) practice facility. There are about 15 stalls and the range is about 20 yards long. The inside reminded me of indoor batting cages. I am personally a visual person and like to see the flight of my ball and where it ends up. If you are not concerned with that and can determine the quality of your hit by touch then this driving range will work for you. The range seemed to be in nice condition inside and the balls seemed to be of good condition. There is no putting green located at this facility or anything other than the driving range itself.

I was greeted by the local pro (Wilson Kang), who gave me his business card. He is a South America Tour Player. He was very friendly and spoke in detail about the pricing. Basically you don’t buy a bucket of balls, you buy a day pass. This is $15. Then they have three monthly pass programs. The first is $60 and with this you have to select an hour block of time – i.e. 7am-8am. You are then only allowed to use the facility between those times each day. The second option is $90. This gives you a set 5 hour window in which you can practice each day. Giving you slightly more flexibility than the first option. For $140 a month you can practice at anytime with no restrictions.

If you plan on practicing frequently, this range costs a lot less than Aroma down the street. I think that Western Golf could be a good neighborhood spot to practice your golf if you live in the local Korean community. If you like the traditional style range and watching your balls fly, the nearest outdoor 250+ yard ranges in the area would be Monterey Park or may be Rancho Park.