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Practice Center Review #4 – De Bell (Burbank)

1500 E. Walnut Ave
Burbank, CA 91501
(818) 845-0022

Hours: 6am-10pm

Small bucket (30 balls): $3
Medium bucket (60 balls): $6
Large bucket (130 balls): $10

De Bell is a golf complex in Burbank which comprises of a tight and hilly 18 hole 5,633 yard (par 71) course, a small par 3 “pitch n putt” course and a driving range. The par 3 course is at the bottom of the complex off Harvard. The range and par 71 course is up the hill on Walnut Ave, just past the Starlight Bowl. It is really far up in the Burbank Hills. The location is really nice. It is landscaped beautifully and very peaceful. The clientele here is very good. There is a parking lot next to the range. There is usually no problems with parking. However if you go daytime Saturday or Sunday you may need to park a little further on the street.

The range is outdoors and is relatively small. There are about 20-25 stalls. You hit of mats, which are in good shape. They provide the plastic tee’s for free. Inside the range office there are buckets of tee’s at all the different lengths. You can just help yourself to whatever they need. Despite being a small range is usually quiet. If you arrive at a peak time (i.e. weekend morning) you may have a short wait. Otherwise it is normally wide open. I have been around 7pm in the evening during the week and only seen may be 5-6 other people there.

The range itself is set in the hills. It is short as it is only 175 yards to the mountain at the back. There are lots of targets/ mini greens to hit at. The prices seem standard range prices and they offer discount if you buy in bulk and load up a key. The balls are really great and clean! They are Nike and in A1 condition.

They have a practice putting green outside the pro-shop which is across the street from the range. It is immaculate and runs like a PGA green would.

The professional here is Zach Allen. He does lessons and has a strong emphasis on video recording and analysis of your swing. I remember reading a Golf Tips magazine last year and he was named in the top 10 of golf coaches in the USA.

This is a very nice range. It is very peaceful up in the hills and everything is nicely taken care of. I just wish that the stalls had some kind of covering. They are open to the elements, so on a summer’s day it can get really hot being out in the direct sun. Also I wish it was 50 yards longer. If it was, I would have given it top marks. Other than that I highly recommend this facility.