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Sea Aire – Pitch n’ Putt (Torrance)

22730 Lupine Drive
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 543-4653

9 holes (par 27)
Yardage: 510 yards
Hours: Mon 1pm-dusk; Tues, Wed and weekends 9am-dusk; Thu, Fri and holidays 1pm-dusk
Green fees: weekdays $8, weekends $9 ($1 less for City of Torrance residents)

Sea Aire is a pitch n’ putt course located in Torrance. It is located in a residential neighborhood just west of Sepulveda Blvd. If you do not have GPS, I recommend printing directions before you go. There is a parking lot at the golf club, but when I arrived it was full. I had to park down the street. It was weird as there were only two others out on the course and the course had just opened five minutes prior. There is an adjacent school and I think that the cars in the parking lot were school-related.

There is just the golf course located at this site. There are no practice facilities or putting greens. In addition to the starter office, there is a small meeting room where I think the Women’s Club meets. The starter was very friendly and polite. If you are a Torrance resident with valid ID you can get $1 off the rate. I think the rate for kids was only about $4.

This is a pitch n’ putt course, so it is obviously short – 510 yards. In fact it is the shortest golf course in Los Angeles. This course is a different beast to your standard golf courses, or even the par 3 courses which I have reviewed on this site. This whole course is only a few yards longer than your average par 4 golf hole. I have tried to review and rated this course based upon what it is. Even though I gave it an overall 3.5, it should not be compared to other types of longer courses. 

These courses are great to take your kids and get them into the game. Also for the occasional recreational golfer. They are a step-up from miniature golf and not designed for the serious golfer. Each hole is about 50 yards – the longest being 84 yards. So you can rarely take a full swing, even with a wedge. The greens are super small – some about 12ft wide. Which make them hard to hit. All you need is a wedge and a putter. In fact the club rules state that players may not carry more than 3 clubs onto the course.

The course was easy to navigate and as it was so small it was possible to start on a number of different holes. Which was good if there was a large group or a slower-group out on the course. It took me just 30 minutes to play a round. Which is about half the time which it took me to drive there! When I played they were doing some work on a telephone tower, so the first hole was closed. I was told to just play one of the other holes twice to complete my nine hole round.

The greens although small actually are not all that bad. I have seen worse greens on other larger par 3 golf courses in the Los Angeles area. Each tee box has a metal bench, but there are no ball washers on the course. You hit off mats and no plastic tees are provided.

Richie says.. “Sea Aire is for kids or people wanting to practice their 50 yard chip shots. It is not for the serious golfer. As par as pitch n’ putt courses go, it is above average. Check for the opening hours before you go as they have some unusual opening times.”

Hole by Hole

Hole 1 – 57 yards
Hole 2 – 66 yards
Hole 3 – 51 yards

Hole 4 – 55 yards
Hole 5 – 84 yards
Hole 6 – 44 yards
Hole 6 – green
Hole 7 – 53 yards
Hole 8 – 49 yards
Hole 9 – 51 yards
Hole 9 – green

  1. Thanks for doing these reviews! My husband and I are still learning and since finding out about this little course it's become our favorite place to actually get out to play a little golf on the weekends. It is a tiny course but it is fun because of all of the different elevations. It's really great to see families out there playing together!

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