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The Orange Whip Trainer Review

The Orange Whip Trainer is a swing training aid. It is 47.5″ long and weighs 1.76 lbs – designed to simulate a driver. It can be used as a training aid and/ or a warm-up and stretching tool.

Swinging this trainer will help you swing at good tempo while being on-plane and balanced. If you are not balanced/ on-plane with your swing you will not be able to repeat several swings in a row. It is also supposed to teach you a nice/ rhythmic tempo; which carries over to your real golf swing.

When using the Orange Whip for warm up it loosens the muscles and also helps with your first drive. As it is weighted, it can be used in the same way as a baseball player swinging a bat with a weight in the on-deck circle. You take a few swings with this and then when you pick up the golf club, it feels might lighter. You can swing faster and with ease. Although you can use it before you start, note that it is illegal to use during the round.
There are three versions;

  • Trainer: 47.5″ long for men and tall women
  • Golden: 44″ for shorter men (<5′ 6″), women and teens
  • Hickory: 38″ for juniors aged 7-12

I came across this product online while looking at swing training aids. I did some more research and it got very positive reviews on the golf forums. Although there are many golf training aids out there, this is one (of very few) which actually works and helps with your swing.

I found the product useful for a brief 3-5 minute warm up before a round. After doing a couple of sessions with the Orange Whip, my hand started to feel a little sore and started to get a blister. I would recommend using a glove when swinging with this training aid.

The Orange Whip Trainer retails for $109. On a side note I should mention that SKLZ has a product very similar to the Orange Whip called Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer. It is half the price and seems very similar. I tried it out briefly at the store and the feel seems similar. The only difference I could notice is that the Orange Whip has a counter balance on the handle, which the SKLZ does not. I think the Orange Whip is may be a little better quality to the SKLZ also. You can get details of the Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer by clicking on the below link.

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  1. I'm left handed and they don't make one of these for left handers, so what am I supposed to do?

  2. It makes no difference if you are left or right handed. It is essentially just a weight at the end of a handle. Can be used either way.

  3. I noticed a difference almost immediately. I am swing my driver much better and added 15-20 yards to my drive. Actually swinging all of my clubs much better. Highly recommend it. Best $100 I have ever spent.

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