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Brush-t Pro Tee Review

I came across the Brush-t Pro Tee’s while perusing the classifieds section of Golf Digest. I am always looking to try new products and gadgets so picked up a packet to try out.

The Brush-t is a golf tee and what sets it apart from the others is that you sit the ball on top of bristles. The bristles are synthetic and bend upon impact. This reduces resistance which supposedly increases length and accuracy of drives. From the manufacturers website…

The Brush-t ® bristles have been designed to do away with resistance from impact with the tee. The ball is supported largely by air which means that the speed of the club face at impact is concentrated so perfectly on the ball, that the sheer kinetic energy helps create a longer and straighter shot.

Accuracy: Brush T eliminates up to 2% of left or right deflection and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards a 2º deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark!

Each tee comes in a capsule style holder. The lid acts as a ball marker and there is a preserver in the middle which helps protect the bristles. I really like the look of the product and how it is packaged. It is very pleasing to the eye. I picked up a multi-pack and each size tee is a different color. It also has written on the side which club it is for, i.e. blue is 3 wood, black is driver etc.

When I tried these out I found that the tee goes into the ground very easily – unlike the X-Blade tee’s. Because of the shape of the tee, it means that each time you stick it into the ground the ball will be at a perfect height for the club you are using. Thus helping with consistency. The ball was easy to place on the tee and sat on top of the bristles without movement.

I enjoyed using the tees, however in my limited use I found no difference in performance in terms of distance and accuracy. I will continue to use these tees in the upcoming months and update my progress. They are currently one of my favorite types of tee. It is so easy to place the ball on top of it and I like the design/ colors. They seem to do the job and are not gimmicky like some of the tees on the market. They also seem to be well made and will last.

The Brush-t can be found at the usual retail and online golf providers. The 4 piece multi-pack is priced at $9.99, the 3 pack 3-wood tees are $5.99.