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Bixby Village Golf Course – Executive (Long Beach)

6180 Bixby Village Dr
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 498-7003

9 holes (par 30)
Yardage: 1,795 yards
Hours: 6am-sunset
Green fees: weekdays $14, weekends $16

Bixby Village is a nice part of Long Beach. It is known as the place where they filmed the American Pie movies. There is a Bixby Village Golf Center and a  Bixby Village Golf Course. It is confusing and they are about 20 minutes apart. Do not make the mistake like I did and show up at the wrong place! Being in Long Beach the weather was good. You get that ocean breeze and it is cooler that out in the Valley. Which makes it a good spot to play in July/ August when the Valley is 100+ degrees.

The course is a 9 hole executive golf course, with three short par 4 holes.  There is a small parking lot and a starter office. Within the office is a small cafeteria area. There is a putting green but no driving range located at this site. We booked online with the club direct and got a great rate, paying under $9 each for the round.

Immediately upon checking in we were able to start. We were paired with someone else who was on his own. We played 10am Saturday morning and the course was quiet. We played at good pace. May be on two of the holes we had a wait of a couple of minutes other than that we worked our way around the course in good time. It took the three of us 1 hr 40 minutes to complete the 9 holes. I consider that is good going on a Saturday morning. I saw no one behind us the whole way around.

The course had a great flow and design to it. There was good variation of hole lengths which allowed you to use pretty much every club in the bag throughout the 9 holes. I really enjoyed the course design and consider it one of the best 9 hole layouts which I have played. You start with the first three holes and then walk through a tunnel to the other side of the road where you play the remaining 6 holes. The course had it all – water, sand, trees. Hole 2 has a challenge in a form of a lake which you have to hit over (120 yards). Hole 3 had a lot of trees down the left. Hole 4 was a straight par 4 with lots of bunkers along the center of the fairway. Then hole 6 had an awesome green. It was modeled after a hole at River; there was a bunker right in the middle of the green.

The course condition was good. The grass was green and generally not patchy. The greens were large and really nice. Several greens had elevation changes or breaks which made putting challenging, yet fun. There were a lot of bunkers out there. My only criticism is with the sand. The sand was very course and like hitting in dirt. If they were to spend a few bucks and put in the fluffy white kind of sand it would really transform the course and make each hole very eye-catching.

Richie says… “One of the best 9 holes I have played. I really enjoyed playing here. Every hole is unique. One hole you can hit a wood and the next you are teeing off with a wedge. I like the variety and it is nice to take out the big-stick every once in a while.”

Chris says… “Nice course. Saturday morning and not busy at all. Good price – cost effective. It is an open course, but I like it. Well maintained and good bang for the buck.”

Hole by Hole

Hole 1 – 146 yards
Hole 2 – 121 yards
Hole 2 – green
Hole 3 – 320 yards (par 4)
Hole 3- 2nd shot (80 yards out)
Hole 4 – 284 yards (par 4)
Hole 4- 2nd shot (100 yards out)
Hole 5 – 155 yards
Hole 6 – 105 yards
Hole 6 – green
Hole 7 – 189 yards
Hole 8 – 350 yards (par 4, dog-leg right)
Hole 8 – 2nd shot (50 yards out)
Hole 9 -125 yards