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Arroyo Seco Golf Course – Par 3 (South Pasadena)

1055 Lohman Lane
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(323) 255-1506

18 holes (par 54)
Yardage: 1,960 yards
Hours: Sunrise-10pm
Green fees: weekdays $14, weekends $16 (9 holes; $12)

 Arroyo Seco Golf Course is located in the South Pasadena/ Highland Park area. It can be a little tricky to find. From Arroyo Drive take Stoney Drive. Make a left on Lohman and you will pass some tennis courts just before you reach the golf parking lot at the end of the road.

Arroyo Seco is a 18 hole par 3 golf course. There are not too many 18 hole par 3 courses around, most are 9 holes which you have to play twice. There is a cafeteria/ bar located at the course. There is also a nice practice facility. Which includes a driving range, large putting green and practice chipping area. There is also a 9 hole miniature golf course at Arroyo Seco.

I have played here several times and each time the starter has been abrasive and impatient whenever I have asked any questions. The starter office and cafeteria buildings are run-down and need of a coat of paint or a renovation. There is only a couple of bucks difference between the 9 hole and 18 hole rate, which means that the majority of patrons play the 18. The pace of play is standard and you should expect to take about 3 hours to play 18 holes. I like the fact that hole 1 and hole 10 are located next to each other. So if the front 9 looks busy, you can easily start with the back 9.

The course condition is good – above average. The greens are a nice size and run smoothly. I played here a couple of years ago and they were a lot worse. I think the course condition goes in spells – sometimes good, sometimes average. When I played last the grass is nicely maintained with few bad patches. You hit off mats and plastic tees are provided – both for left and right handed golfers. The mats seem to be in good condition.

The course design is somewhat generic. All the holes are pretty much the same length – in the 90 to 110 yard range. Which is great if you are looking to practice your GW or PW; but means you can leave your long irons at home. There is a small creek which flows through the middle of the course and comes into play on several holes. This is pretty much the only hazard on the course. There are no sand traps. There are plenty of trees on the course and some come directly into play. In particular hole 17. There is a large tree to the left which impedes the line to the green. Therefore forcing to hit right to reach the green. All the holes at Arroyo Seco are pretty much of the same. The only hole which comes to mind when I think of the course is hole 15. This is a longer hole – 145 yards for men, 115 yards from the ladies tee. It is a straight hole but has a small lake/ marsh kind of area to the right of the green. This is also the longest hole on the course. The course flows pretty well and each hole is signposted. There are ball washers at the tees, but they are really old looking. 
When it comes to the course design with Arroyo Seco I always feel somewhat underwhelmed when I have finished my round. It feels like I have playing the same hole over and over. The last time I played I walked past the miniature golf course (as I was leaving the 18th green) it came across my mind that I may have had more fun playing that.

Overall, if I lived in the Pasadena area and wanted to play 18 holes of par 3, I would recommend Arcadia. Arcadia is in the same price range (if not cheaper with a $10 GolfNow deal). Plus Arcadia is much better quality course and the staff there are fantastic. I wish the starter at Arroyo Seco had a more friendly demeanor.
Richie says… “I like the practice facility, but the course is too generic and repetitive to me. I think they need to spend a little money on the place. Install new ball washers, paint the starter buildings etc. I have played here several times and each time have come across multiple people with Scottish accents. It just stands out, as I have not encountered a Scot on any other course I have played in Los Angeles.”

Hole by Hole

Hole 1 – 88 yards
Hole 2 – 89 yards
Hole 3 – 96 yards
Hole 4 – 120 yards

Hole 5- 111 yards
Hole 6 – 102 yards
Hole 7 – 110 yards
Hole 8 – 115 yards
Hole 9 -127 yards
Hole 10 – 95 yards
Hole 11 – 92 yards
Hole 11- green
Hole 12 – 104 yards
Hole 13- 116 yards
Hole 14 -89 yards

Hole 15 – 145 yards
Hole 16 – 118 yards
Hole 17 – 129 yards
Hole 17 – green
Hole 18 – 114 yards