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The Perfect Golf Pre-Shot Routine

The best golfers in the world have a set pre-shot routine. It is good for a consistent game to create your own pre-shot routine. When you practice at the range you should go through this routine on each shot; so that it mimics your game out on the course.

I came across this video and decided to share. I like the way that the Pro (Rick Shiels) visually describes the routine with the different boxes.


The pre-shot routine in putting is slightly different to your iron shots. As with your “hitting” pre-shot routine you should look to replicate the exact same routine for all putting strokes, whether practicing or on the course. After a while it will just become natural and you will do it automatically without thinking about it.

Top tip: most modern golf balls have some kind of line printed on them. Align the line on the ball with the direction you want to putt. Then when you look down at the ball it helps you with your alignment.