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The Twister Portable Golf Ball Cleaner Review

I came across The Twister portable golf ball cleaner while browsing gadgets on eBay. It was featured on ABC’s TV show Shark Tank. The Twister website claims that they were voted #1 golfers gift of the year. But there is no reference as to who/ when that was claimed.

The company that produces this product says that this “cleans your golf ball like a pro”. There are four features;
– Quickly and easily cleans dirty golf balls
– Easily clips onto golf bags for travel convenience
– Leak-proof case stores cleaning solution
– Made of durable drop resistant plastic

The product is well packaged in a green box. My initial impressions when opening the box was that this was big. The ball cleaner is 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. In fact I think that this is may be too big and bulky to carry with all of the other golf paraphernalia which accompany me on my round. The product retails for $19.95, but I have seen it at various places online for about $10.

So how does it work? Basically you fill the product with water mixed with a cleaning fluid (dish soap) before you leave for your round. When you need to clean you ball, you unscrew it and put your ball in the center. You then twist the product like a pepper mill. The bristles inside it scrub the ball.

I have been testing/ using The Twister over the past couple of weeks. I was skeptical before I started using the product. It works fairly good. But doesn’t get the ball spotless, but certainly cleans the ball. It is a little tricky to screw up once the golf ball is inside it. You also have to remember to fill it with clean water and dish soap before you leave to play your round of golf. Also it as unclear how much water you put in. I looked on their website and there was nothing really noted. I just filled the base until the water came up to the bristles. But not too much water so that it spilled out when you open the Twister.

It has a clip to allow you to attach it to a golf bag. As shown in this picture to the left.

Would I recommend this product… I don’t know. I wouldn’t run out and buy one immediately. It works adequately, but it is so big and cumbersome. If you can pick one up for $10, I think it would make a good gift for a golfer who likes gadgets. But for me it is not a must have. If you play at locations which have ball wash stations on every tee, then I don’t see any point in hauling this around with you.

The Twister Cleaner, the one and only personal golf ball cleaning device with scrubbing bristles! The simplest and most effective tool to scrub dirt off your golf balls.
The Twister is leak-proof! Simply fill The Twister with a mild cleaning solution then insert a dirty golf ball into the watertight chamber.
Next, close the unit and shake it to wet the golf ball and bristles. Now twist and turn The Twister to let the bristles work on the golf ball, whisking away the dirt, grime, and grass for an all-around clean.
With this fantastic little golf ball cleaner, you can be sure you will get the maximum performance from your golf balls on every shot – especially on the greens.