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Swing Whistle Review

The Swing Whistle is a small gadget which clips onto your golf club. According to the manufacturer this training aid is designed to “provide instant multi-sensory feedback to train your swing to have maximum speed at impact”. If you swing with a good tempo you hear a constant low whistle at impact.

  • Shrill = you are swinging too fast
  • No whistle = no lag and swing of the club
  • Early whistle = you are coming over the top and releasing the golf head too early
  • Constant low whistle at impact = ultimate result. This means that you have gradual acceleration through impact of the club with the ball.

The manufacturer claims that “installation is super simple, you just clip the Swing Whistle onto the shaft of the golf club”. The Swing Whistle goes at the bottom of the shaft on the hosel (just above the club head). To be honest I personally found it a little tricky to install. It is stiff plastic and it took a few minutes to force it onto the bottom of the shaft. It did not clip on with ease. Also every couple of swings I had to re-apply the device as it would slip off the hosel on the club

The Swing Whistle retails at  $19.95 plus shipping. I feel that this product is a little overpriced for what it is. It is just a small piece of plastic – I would be more comfortable with purchasing it at a price point of around $14.95 shipped.

Would I recommend it? Probably not. It is not that much of a game-changer for me. It makes the whistling noise as described. But I often found that with the speed of the swing it was sometimes hard to tell exactly when the whistle occurred. I would probably need to record the swing or have a spotter to give me feedback. What I do like about this training aid is that it can be used at home. You don’t necessarily have to hit a ball. Just swinging in the backyard will help you with your tempo. If you are hard of hearing or have issues hearing high pitch sounds, then this is obviously not for you!

  1. I think there are lots of little things that can affect a golfer's swing. That's why having the right coach is so important. Without someone there to correct you, you will keep on making the same mistake over and over again.

    It helps to have video or pictures that show exactly how to get the swing correct and how to adjust your stance and other aspects of your body positioning in order to hit the ball the way that you want to.

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